Bali Cruise Tour is Bali Activities Tour in Bali Islands by offers a wide range of cruises adventure activity in the paradise island of Bali and offer trip of cruises to Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida with cruise company based in Bali.

Cruise in comfort aboard Bali Cruises with a cruising speed of up to 30 knots, you may sit back, relax and enjoy full staff service while reading the daily newspaper or viewing our onboard video entertainment. We sail from Bali every day.

Lets enjoy your holiday by selecting our best Bali Cruise tour packages:

Family Fun

Bali Beach Club Cruise
Adults (15+): IDR 1.301.000
Children (4-14): IDR 868.000

The Bali Hai Reef Cruise
Adults (15+): IDR 1.301.000
Children (4-14): IDR 868.000

Exciting Adventure

Island Discovery Cruise
Adults (15+): IDR 666.000
Children (8-14): IDR 486.000

High Speed Ocean Rafting Cruise
Adults (15+): IDR 1.273.000
Children (10-14): IDR 886.000

Relaxing Gateways

Aristocat Bali Sailing Cruise
Adults (15+): IDR 1.373.000
Children (8-14): IDR 999.000
Sunset Dinner Cruise
Adults (15+): IDR 749.000
Children (4-14): IDR 499.000
Infants under 4 years: free