Uluwatu Beach
If surfing is your thing, you’ll probably already know about Uluwatu Beach. The majority of surf spots here are solely for those who can handle a board. However, the stunning setting of Uluwatu Beach, along with its majestic sunsets, makes this a place where everyone will feel welcome.

It's a truism that some of the best places are the hardest to get to. Uluwatu Beach is accessible only by a precipitous staircase set into a rock. There are no railings; take your time making your way down, and wear something other than flip-flops. Once you're down onto the beach you'll instantly know the effort was worthwhile. The humble in size, yet pristine sands of the beach sit directly under a cliff face, on top of which teeters the Uluwatu Temple. Take some snaps of the ancient building from below before going for a dip. Otherwise, admire the efforts of surfers from the comfort of your beach towel. Be warned that due to the sheer power of the waves, you shouldn't risk much more than a paddle unless you absolutely know what you're doing.

If you're looking for safer swimming options (and especially if you have children in tow), the beaches at nearby Padang and Bingin offer suitable alternatives. There are numerous accommodation options in the immediate area, many of which afford wonderful views of this stretch of the southern Bali coastline.Uluwatu Beach is close to the small village of Pecatu, which is about 35 minutes by road from Denpasar Airport. Parking and shower facilities are available at the beach.

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