Sekumpul Waterfall is a stunning, breathtaking waterfall in the mountainous region of Bali! It's a long drive from the southern beach areas so be prepared for that and it is a long walk down (and back up) but definitely worth it so you can feel the spray from the Sekumpul waterfall as it cascades down the rock face! Close by you will also find the Fiji waterfall which has three distinct waterfalls from some 40 metres. Yes, there is a guide set-up and a cost associated but this goes towards the maintenance of the well-trodden path and the surrounding environment so I didn't mind contributing. Definitely worth the day trip for this wonderful experience! Lots of steps mostly downhill to reach the waterfalls, but the sight when you reach them is simply magnificent and swimming at the bottom is a must! Good walking shoes for the trail and booties for the swim are recommended as the stones can be quite sharp and slippery.

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