The Moon of Pejeng, also famous as the Pejeng Moon, in Bali is the biggest single-cast bronze kettle drum in the world. & "the largest known relic from Southeast Asia's Bronze Age period. It is "consideredhighly sacred by local people. It is thought to be a relic of early ricecultivation rituals. The drum is 186.6 centimeters (73.5 in) The Dong Sonpeople made the drum around 300 B.C., high and the diameter of the tympano is160 centimeters (63 in). It is kept at Pura Penataran Sasih Temple in Pejeng,near Ubud. According to Balinese legend, the Pejeng Moon was a wheel of thechariot that pulled the real moon through the night sky. One night, as thechariot was passing over Pejeng, the wheel detached and fell to earth, landingin a tree, where it glowed nearly as brightly as the real moon. This lightdisturbed a thief who, annoyed, climbed the tree and urinated on it; the thiefpaid for his sacrilege with his life. The moon eventually cooled and has beenpreserved as a sacred relic by the local villagers.

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