Lempuyang Temple, locally referred to as Pura Lempuyang Luhur, most highly regarded temples, on par with Besakih. It is also believed to predatethe majority of Hindu temples on the island. Definitely a highlight on anytravel itinerary for the fit and adventurous, the main temple lies at 1,175mabove sea level, up on the peak of the name sake Mount Lempuyang in East Bali.The heights are reachable via a steep staircase of over 1,700 steps, withattractions along the way including several other temples and hordes of greylong-tailed macaques that inhabit the surrounding cool mountain forests. Thereare many motorcycle taxis operated by local villagers that can take you upwhere the asphalt ends at the Penataran Agung, They are convenient for thosewho wish to start their climb quicker, the main site of Lempuyang Temple isstill another thousand and a half or so steps up. After an approximate two-hourclimb, the Lempuyang Temple at the peak welcomes weary pilgrims with a prizeview and a calming place of respite. The temple itself is smaller compared tothe Penataran Agung, but there is a more mystical feel about the setting andcalmness. Prayers ensue with refreshing holy water from the priest that soothesbody, mind and soul. Naturally, the temple is not very crowded, and is top ofthe list on sights to see beaten path in Bali.

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