Kehen Temple is an ancient Hindu temple complex boasting unique architectural features. The temple courtyard is reachable from ground level upa flight of 38 stairs, with carved sandstone mythical animal and Balinesefolklore figure statues around the staircases and the central vestibule. Thetemple’s walls are also ornate with Chinese porcelain plates, which are atribute to the historical relations between the local Bali kingdom and China.You can reach Kehen Temple within a 45 minute transfer from Ubud. The temple islocated in the village of Campaign, a cool upland region in the Bangli regencythat is also famous for its local fruit plantations, palm sugar cottageindustries and scenic rural countryside. Temple are a collection of stoneshrines built with multi-tiered thatched roofs and arranged in a typical layoutsimilar to any other large temple complex in Bali. You can visit the temple inthe daytime, and obligatory sashes and waist cloths are available at the rentalkiosk across the road (usually also with temple ‘donations’).

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