Broken Beach
Nusa Penida
Bali gives many beautiful beaches that has uniqueness. One of them is Pasih Uug Beach. Pasih Uug Beach (Broken Beach) Nusa Penida Island is a tourist area that is very unique. From the name it ‘Pasih Uug Beach’ (Balinese language) is defined as damaged beach. Although interpreted thus, this would be a tourist area that is truly unique and attractive.

Pasih Uug Beach (Broken Beach) Nusa Penida may not be much different as Uluwatu tourism area in Bali. However, in mentioning no Pasih Beach attractions like temples or apes. However, in view Pasih Uug Beach (Broken Beach) is not less beautiful with Uluwatu. In addition, Pasih Uug Beach much more quiet and comfortable because of the remoteness of the settlements.

The destruction of this region to attract extraordinary. Panorama on the beach Pasih Uug Beach is very beautiful and quiet. There, we can see the combination of two attractions well as the attraction of green hills and blue sea attractions.

Pasih Uug Beach located in Banjar Sumpang, Village Flower Blooms, precisely in NusaPenida to the west. To reach this place, we must be willing to pass the trail by foot or bicycle. That’s because the road to get there, not yet fully reached into the location Pasih Uug Beach.

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