Blue Point Beach
Bali not stop offers the interesting places to visit. One of the best beaches attraction worth to explore is Blue Point Beach. The beach is full of foreign tourist from the worldwide, such as Australia, Italy, Canada, and much more. Blue Point Beach is the paradise surfing spot for the surfers. With the big waves are large, breaking the silence around the beach. Because the sea waves on the shore is quite challenging. If the weather in sunny, almost every day there are surfers who try the waves at this beach, both who are professionals or beginners.

Not only offers a very challenging ocean waves, Suluban also offering the beauty of beach with white sand that truly captivating surrounded by towering rock. Because of surrounded by cliffs, visitors who want to enjoy the beauty beaches should enter the gaps are narrow cliff which in bali interpreted as "mesulub". Because visitors to reach the beach should be "mesulub" so this beach called Suluban Beach. The locals also called Suluban Uluwatu by this name because is not far from Uluwatu attraction site which has been known for the attractiveness. Foreign tourists are more familiar by the name of Blue Point Beach because it is not far from the beach there is a hotel named Blue Point.

Before entering a narrow gully, we got down the stairs quite a lot. Once the tip of the bottom step we will be presented with a view in a rock cave. If the sea water was high or very high sea waves, sea water will enter the cave.

Because of these famous beaches, so many people take advantage of it by creating a restaurant or café around the beach. Do not be surprised if you visit Suluban Beach will see a lots of hotels and restaurants built right on top of cliffs around this beach. While enjoying the culinary, we can see the beauty of sea while waiting for sunset phenomenon with people you care about.

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