Bali tourist attraction is a cave located on the beach called Beach Kusamba, at the mouth of the cave there is a temple named Pura Goa Lawah (Goa Lawah Temple). Pura Goa Lawah consists oftwo syllables of the cave, which means Goa and Lawah. Goa where Lawah tailinhabited by thousands of bats in the mouth of temple. While at the mouth ofthe cave there are several palinggih Stana of the Gods. In the yard, also stoodfirm several Meru and other sthana.  PuraGoa Lawah considered as Khayangan Jagat status. Bath cave Temple is a blend ofsea and mountains (linga-yoni). Narrated MPU Kuturan coming to Bali during thetenth century the government-led Children's youngest brother of King Airlangga.Airlangga own his rule in East Java (1019-1042). When he arrived, Mpu Kuturanfound many sects in Bali. Seeing the fact that, Mpu Kuturan then develop theconcept of Tri Murti with the aim of uniting all these sects.He also teachesmaking heaven Three Pakraman in every village in Bali as well as confirmed thepresence of Jagat heaven which is one of them is Goa Lawah Temple.

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