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Banyumala Waterfall is located in a valley with three sides of waterfall. The highest andthe largest one are located at the center of it. The other smaller one areplaced at the left and right side. There is a natural pool that makes thiswaterfall is really famous.With its clean and pure water, you will feel so safeto swim around the pool. You can even look at the base of the pool because thewater is very clean. The depth of this pool can be up to 2 meters. However thediameter of this pool is about 20 meter with the round shape. It can affordpretty much people inside.Can you swim? If you do not be able to swim, you donot need to worry. It can be the place for you to learn swimming. Just ensureto avoid the weekend in order to get the spacious experience. The uniqueaspects that you will see when visit Banyumala waterfall is that many visitorsare coming alone. They are looking at the waterfall in so long time because theatmosphere is peaceful. Most of them are even left their camera and tend toenjoy coffee or tea while enjoying the waterfall. The atmosphere makes everyonelove to stay here.